Book Review: Amazing Visuals of Tattoos and the Artists Who Ink

Title: The Mammoth Book of Tattoos
Author: Lal Hardy, Ed.
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN-10: 076243631X

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There are literally hundreds of tattoos pictured that range from some of the most beautiful I have ever seen to some of the most bizarre—in other words the wonderful world of tattoos. 

What sets this apart from other tattoo books is the high quality of the pictures and the fact that it gives some background info on the artists.  However, the short essays about the artists only whetted my appetite.  I have always been fascinated about tattoos and the artists who create them—I wanted more information about their backgrounds, what makes the artists tick and what their art means to them.  

The gorgeous pictures throughout the book are the best part of the book.  This book is definitely for people who enjoy tattoos, looking for new designs, or who enjoy art in general.  For future editions I hope the editor will think about expanding the essays—that would really set this book apart from all of the other tattoo picture books in publication.   

Alan Franciscus
HCSP Publications