Book Review - Rescue Ink: Abusers are Losers

Title: Rescue Ink: Tough Guys on a Mission to Keep Our Animals Safe
Author: Denise Flaim
Publisher: Plume
ISBN-10: 0452296471

4 out of 5 stars

One of the main objectives of our tattoo website ( is to promote safer tattooing and show the positive side of people who get/have tattoos.  When I saw Rescue Ink, written by the Rescue Ink crew with Denise Flaim, I thought what could possibly be a better way to put a good spin on tattooing than by telling stories of motorcycle dudes covered with tattoos who rescue abused animals?  Rescue Ink delivered this and more.

This book is not about tattoos—it’s about people who care deeply about animals and who started Rescue Ink to help prevent and educate others about the abuse of animals.  The stories tell the darker side of human nature—of people who abuse, hurt and even kill helpless animals.  But the upside is that the stories about these tattooed motorcycle dudes who use their own brand of persuasion to stop the abuse.  The people of Rescue Ink don’t just stop abuse, they provide resources such as training (for the animals and people) and find homes for the rescued animals.  

The book is broken up into 14 short chapters that highlight the various people who are part of Rescue Ink who tell their stories about how they started and/or found their way to Rescue Ink.  My favorite chapter is  ‘Batso – Age is Just a Number.’  Batso is covered with tattoos including his neck, face, and head.  He is the oldest member of the troupe—although given his nickname—Batso and since he is covered with tattoos —you probably wouldn’t want to say he’s old to his face.  Batso’s story discusses his background, why and how he got involved with Rescue Ink and some of his stories about rescuing animals.  

The book follows a similar format for the rest of the people who are a part of Rescue Ink.  You have to love them for their passion and the important work that they do to save animals and teach others about how to take care of their pets.  

Rescue Ink is a quick read and restores your faith in people especially after reading about the deadbeats who abuse animals.  The added bonus is that it puts a positive spin on people who have and get tattoos.

Alan Franciscus
HCSP Publications