Tat's not right! Impulse inking gave carefree woman life-threatening hepatitis C

A RASH decision in her 20s gave Teresa Jacques hepatitis C and eventually threatened her life

AT the time Teresa Jacques thought having a tattoo of a flower on her shoulder would be fun. It was 1979, she was in her mid–20s and recently single following a divorce. The former hotel receptionist didn't give a second thought to any possible risks but looking back, she now shudders at the state of the studio in King's Cross, London.

"It wasn't very clean," says Teresa. "I can still remember the tattooist dipping the needles in a glass of Scotch and shouting 'Next!' I regretted it immediately because it hurt so much."

Later, in 1993, when Teresa decided to give blood for the first time to mark her 40th birthday, the tattoo came back to haunt her.



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