Note:  Personally, I think this is a very bad idea for a couple of reasons.  The main reason is safety:  I can see someone buying one of these and deciding to give tattoos at parties or in their garage.  The other reason is that tattoo artists are exactly that 'artists' and we should be encouraging people to visit tattoo parlors with artists and that practice safety procedures in place.  Alan

Designer jakub pollág has devised a personal tattoo machine that intends to democratize the body art industry. pollág, who alongside václav mlynář is one half of studio deFORM, completed the project as part of his studies at the royal college of art in london. presented at this year’s edition of designblok, prague’s annual design and fashion week, the tool allows individuals to permanently mark their own skin, or that of a friend. this DIY approach circumvents the need for a professional tattoo artist.

‘the aim is to enhance tattoos that are not about aesthetics, instead their main function is to reflect meaningful memories,’ explains pollág. ‘due to their permanent nature, it is important that they are honest and exclusive.’ the simple mechanism remains affordable through its utilization of standard components, such as sterile needles and tubes.

pollág states that the project’s primary goal is to give the user a quality tool that is both safe and affordable. the set contains all necessary parts, permitting its users to create their chosen image immediately. as well as outlining various types of imagery, the machine can also shade, allowing DIY-tattooists to fill in relatively large areas of ink.

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